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MARCH 22--The American Federation of Teachers Detroit, at the request of its members, called on the Detroit Board of Education to extend Interim Superintendent Alycia Meriweather an opportunity to interview as a finalist for the Detroit Public Schools Community District superintenden position.


During her tenure, Interim Superintendent Meriweather has led the way in restoring trust, confidence and hope in our school district. She has earned an opportunity for further consideration. While we respect the Board's process, we hope that it will give our request ample consideration.





The dues deduction for 2016 was: $897.16

Deductions from January thru July 2017: $570.92

The votes have been counted and the results for the office of president, vice president and recording secretary are posted. View the final counts here.


DFT passes resolution to pardon DACA immigrant youth

Read the resolution passed by the DFT on pardoning DACA immigrant youth and supporting the National Days of Action.

Election results are in!

Ballots were counted on Sunday, Dec. 3 and the results are in. Click here to see full list and the calendar for run-off election.

Republicans in the Michigan Senate are pushing Senate Bill 102, legislation that would close the Michigan Public School Retirement System to newly hired school employees.
This attack on our pensions is being led by anti-working family interests and billionaires—including Betsy DeVos, the U.S. president-elect’s pick for Secretary of Education. DeVos and others like her believe that workers should only have access to risky 401(k)-style retirement plans. We know there will be a serious attempt made to ban traditional pensions in the public sector, and it’s a slippery slope!