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WHAT'S NEW: What’s best for educators and support staff is best for students: Michigan Chronicle guest column


AFT Detroit calls on the DPSCD administration to understand the important role that we play and negotiate with us accordingly. 

We’ve been team players. We’ve sacrificed a significant portion of our salaries in recent years.  Now, we say with one voice: What’s best for educators and support staff is best for students.


WHAT'S NEW: DFT Members make strong showing at May 9th School Board Meeting


What's best for educators is best for students!  Let's put students first and negotiate a fair contract before the end of the school year!

WHAT'S NEW: Questions Concerning DPSCD's Evaluation Portal

It has come to our attention that members are being asked to upload evidence and create portfolios on the district's new evaluation portal.  You are only required to create a sign-in ID and password! Training will be offered at a later date. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at the union office: 313-875-3500.

--Your DFT President Ivy Bailey

WHAT'S NEW: AFT Detroit House Visit Blitz


AFT Detroit members on May 6 canvassed metro Detroit having one-on-one conversation with nonmembers at their homes. There is strength in numbers. We're coming to a neighborhood near you!

WHAT'S NEW: Watch DFT President Ivy Bailey on "Spotlight on the News"


DFT President Ivy Bailey on May 7 discussed a variety of topics, including the state of contract negotiations, incoming Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti, the Trump Administration and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Click the Web link to watch http://ICYMI: Spotlight on the News: In-depth interview with Detroit Federation of Teachers President Ivy Bailey

WHAT'S NEW: #BuildSchoolsNotWalls May 1 rally in Detroit to #ReclaimOurSchools


AFT Detroit rallied on May 1 at the Horatio Williams Foundation Center in Detroit to push back, organize and fight against draconian Trump and DeVos policies to reduce vital investment in public schools.