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WHAT'S NEW: Reading Opens the World Book Giveaways Are Coming!

reading opens the world

We are so excited to announce that not one, but two, book giveaways from AFT National are on their way to us. One location is courtesy of the Detroit Federation of Teachers; the other is sponsored by the Hamtramck Federation of Teachers. It is going to be a morning filled with fun and festivities for everyone! Join us in Detroit on Saturday, April 27 from 9:00 a.m.--12 noon at the Temple of Faith Baptist Church (Activity Building) at 9351 Forrer Street in Detroit. Join us in Hamtramck on Saturday, April 27 from 10 a.m. --2 p.m. at the Hamtramck Community Center, 11350 Charest Street.  It is first come, first serve. These 15,000+ books are going to go fast!

More great news: 

AFT Secy Treasurer Fedrick Ingram

AFT National Secretary-Treasurer, Fedrick C. Ingram will be coming to both Detroit and Hamtramck to be a part of the day's events. What a great opportunity for our members to meet with him. We have invited members of our community to stop by so you'll never know who you will see here.

Be sure to mark Saturday, April 27 on your calendar and let's make sure our students get these high quality books that they need

Click here for the Detroit flyer in English:  Reading Opens the World (English)

Click here for the Detroit  flyer in Spanish:  Reading Opens the World (Spanish)

Click here for the Hamtramck flyer in English:  Reading Opens the World (Hamtramck English)

Click here for the Hamtramck flyer in Arabic:  Reading Opens the World (Hamtramck Arabic)

Click here for the Hamtramck flyer in Bengali:  Reading Opens the World (Hamtramck Bengali)

WHAT'S NEW: April 2024 DFT Solidarity Calendar

April 2024 Calendar of Solidarity Events

DFT members are engaging in Solidarity Events at their work locations. We have less than 100 days since our collective bargaining agreement expires.  Here is the calendar for April. Not only will we be showing solidarity across our union, we are also asking our members to continue to stand in solidarity with other "union shops" by providing a list of "Shop Union".

WHAT'S NEW: Completing Retirement Forms

DFT unit members planning on retiring at the end of the 2023-2024 school year should complete all of the forms related to retirement by May 1, 2024.  These forms include:

1.  A Separation from Service Form (SFSF) found on the District's Hub.  Please remember that in order to be paid for sick days upon retirement from DPSCD, eligible employees must submit a SFSF to the District's Human Resource office (HR) no later than May 1, 2024 and retire effective July 1, 2024 (or August 1, 2024 if working during the month of July).  The SFSF should be emailed to HR by May 1, 2024.  (Follow the instructions on the Hub.)  The "effective date of separation" on the SFSF should be listed as June 15, 2024 (or July 31, 2024 if working during the month of July).  After the SFSF is submitted to HR, a confirmation email will be sent to the employee.  Employees should print a copy of that email for their records.

Eligible employees meeting the May 1, 2024 deadline will be paid $45 for each unused sick day in their sick bank for days 1 to 100 and $65 for each unused sick day in their sick bank for days 101 to 200 for a maximum payout of $11,000.  Payout for sick days upon retirement does not include a payout from the catastrophe bank.  (To calculate the number of sick days in one's sick bank, divide the number of sick bank hours by eight [8].)

2.  The pension application forms found on an employee's miAccount with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (  (Click on the menu item "Ready to Retire", then the box that says, "Apply for Retirement", and then follow the instructions.  Use the same date for "the last day worked" as was used on the SFSF (June 15, 2024 or July 31, 2024).

3.  The application forms for Social Security (if eligible) and Medicare (if eligible) found on Social Security's website (  (This website is separate and unrelated to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services' website and an employee's miAccount.)

Questions about retirement can be directed to the DFT's retirement counselor, Patrick Falcusan, at 313-875-6783 at any time during the year.

WHAT'S NEW: Education Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meeting with State Rep Weiss

State Representative Regina Weiss is a former teacher with DPSCD. She is in her second term as a state lawmaker. Also attending will be former DFT President, Terrence Martin, who is now the President of AFT Michigan. Please register for the town hall at this link:

WHAT'S NEW: President Featured Speaker for Women's History

woment's history program

Join President Lakia Wilson-Lumpkins as part of a Women's HERstory program!

WHAT'S NEW: Spring 2024 Election Results

As per the Election Calendar which was provided to members in January, the DFT Election Committee would like to make the following announcement:

No grievances were filed by the February 22, 2024 deadline. Therefore, the Election Committee and Delegate seats are uncontested. There were 4 eligible candidates for the 4 open seats on the Election Committee and there were 10 eligible candidates for the 10 open seats for delegates to the Michigan and National conventions.

The 4 Election Committee eligible candidates are

  1. Devette Brown
  2. Julia Hunko
  3. Onza Stokes
  4. Laura Watt

The 4 Election Committee candidates will be sworn in at the April 2024 General Membership meeting.

These 10 delegates, along with DFT officers, the executive board and the president of DFT 231R (the retirees chapter), will be seated at the AFT Michigan State Convention on Saturday, May 4 and the AFT National Convention in Houston from Monday, July 22 until Thursday, July 25, 2024.

  1. Devette Brown
  2. Cassandra Davis
  3. Tracie Diggins
  4. Mark Duffy
  5. Regina Fuqua
  6. Julia Hunko
  7. Yolanda King
  8. Tamika Merchant
  9. Carol Pierce
  10. Andrea Raiford