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WHAT'S NEW: Congratulations to DFP President, Donna Jackson


Congratulations to President Donna Jackson, Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals, Local 2350, for receiving the inaugural Ruby Newbold award at this year's AFT PSRP Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Donna has served as DFP president for the past 13 years, having started her career in the district in 2005. The DFP represents paraeducators, noon hour aides, and school culture facilitators in the Detroit Public Schools Community District. Upon receiving this award, Donna says she was so surprised and honored. What makes this even more special is the connection between Donna Jackson and Ruby Newbold. Both women served as presidents of their locals within the Detroit Public Schools at the same time. The award was created to honor the late Ruby Newbold and her dedication to advocating for the most vulnerable students and the school employees who supported them. It's clear that President Jackson shares that passion as she is committed to fighting for what our students need and what our union brothers, sisters, and siblings deserve.

WHAT'S NEW: 2023 Summer School LOA

Please check this link for details of Summer School 2023. The LOA speaks to Program Schedules, Wages, Staff Requirements and Class Size.


You are invited you to a celebration of The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks on the anniversary of her birthday, Saturday, February 4th, 2023. Please join us for a screening of the first full-length documentary about the life and legacy of Rosa Parks, The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks. After the film, stay for a special conversation moderated by the film’s executive producer Soledad O’Brien with Jocelyn Benson, Michigan’s Secretary of State, Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers, the film’s directors Yoruba Richen and Johanna Hamilton, the book's author, Dr


WHAT'S NEW: DFT Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

We are disappointed with the United States Supreme Court decision on Affirmative Action, but we are not disheartened. Affirmative action is a policy that aims to address historical inequalities and promote diversity by providing preferential treatment or opportunities to underrepresented groups. Today’s decision is a step in the wrong direction to make the United States a more perfect union. This country has to reckon with its past and the Detroit Federation of Teachers has always held a commitment to fighting for educational diversity which aligns with the principles behind affirmative action. We believe that there is no better place for all voices to be heard and experiences to be shared than this nation's classrooms. We must not forget that education is the great equalizer and cannot allow it to be erased with the swipe of a pen.

We urge you to read today’s Supreme Court decision, particularly Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s dissent, which begins on page 209.

WHAT'S NEW: Procedures for June 2023 DFT Who Are Retiring


DFT unit members planning on retiring at the end of the 2022-2023 school year should complete all of the forms related to retirement by May 1, 2023.  These forms include:

1.  A Separation from Service Form (SFSF) found on the District's Hub. 

Please remember that in order to be paid for illness days upon retirement from DPSCD, eligible employees must submit a SFSF to the District's Human Resource office (HR) no later than May 1, 2023 and retire effective July 1, 2023 (or August 1, 2023 if working during the month of July).

The SFSF should be emailed to HR ( by May 1, 2023. The "effective date of separation" on the SFSF should be listed as June 30, 2023 (or July 31, 2023 if working during the month of July.

Eligible employees meeting the May 1, 2023 deadline will be paid $45 for each unused illness day in their bank for days 1 to 100 and $65 for each unused illness day in their bank for days 101 to 200 for a maximum payout of $11,000. Payout of illness time upon retirement does not include a payout from the catastrophe bank. (To calculate the number of illness days in one's bank, divide the number of illness bank hours by eight [8].)

2.  The pension application forms found on an employee's miAccount with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (  (Click on the menu item "Ready to Retire", then the box that says, "Apply for Retirement", and then follow the instructions.)

3.  The application forms for Social Security (if eligible) and Medicare (if eligible) found on Social Security's website (  (This website is separate and unrelated to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services' website and an employee's miAccount.)

Questions about retirement can be directed to the DFT's retirement counselor, Patrick Falcusan, at the union office, 313-875-6783. at any time during the year.

WHAT'S NEW: Wins for Teachers in Michigan and the DFT

Thank you to all union members who called, lobbied, spread the word and supported us in Restoring Educators' Voices.

It was a victory, not only for educators across Michigan, but our own DFT members who were new hires after 2019. They have been able to get back the right to negotiate salary, along with all other bargaining unit members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers. We wish to express our thanks and appreciation to all union members, not just from our local, but across the state, for banding together to return the Educator Voice to us.