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The DFT Election Committee has announced the following names of candidates for the upcoming Spring 2024 Elections.

Eligible Nominees for the Election Committee

  1. Devette Brown
  2. Julia Hunko
  3. Onza Stokes
  4. Laura Watt

Eligible Nominees for Delegates to the 2024 AFT Michigan and National Convention

  1. Devette Brown
  2. Cassandra Davis
  3. Tracie Diggins
  4. Mark Duffy
  5. Regina Fuqua
  6. Julia Hunko
  7. Yolanda King
  8. Tamika Merchant
  9. Carol Pierce
  10. Andrea Raiford

WHAT'S NEW: DFT Retirees Chapter Virtual Meeting for February

The February DFT Retirees Chapter meeting will be virtual. There will be no face-to-face meeting due to the Mint having scheduled another event for the same afternoon. Please reach out to Treasurer, Mary Helen D'Angelo, for the Zoom link to join the meeting. She can be reached by phone. Details are on the Events tab.

WHAT'S NEW: Spring 2024 Elections

The DFT Election Committee has announced the Spring 2024 election for four (4) election committee members, ten (10) delegates to the AFT Michigan Convention and ten (10) delegates to the AFT National Convention. The election committee spots are full two year terms (April 2024-March 2026).  There are separate calendars for the Election Committee election and the delegates election. The 2024 Election Committee Election Calendar  and the 2024 Delegates Election Calendar  list all pertinent dates. The duties of the Election Committee are outlined in the  2024 Election Committee Guidelines document   The instructions for delegates are outlined in the  2024 Delegate Election Instructions . There are two (2) separate nomination forms:  2024 Election Committee Nomination Form  and the   2024 Delegates to the Convention Nomination Form .  A member must be in good standing in order to run in either election: Election Committee and delegate. Nominations are open as of today, January 18, 2024. For the Election Committee election, voting will take place in person on March 14,2024 at the general membership meeting. For the delegates election, voting will be online, via Survey Monkey, the week of March 18. Voting will end for the delegates election at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 22, 2024. If you have any other questions, please reach out to the Election Committee at Please allow them time to respond as they are busy teaching and working during the school day.

Here are the documents embedded in the above article.

WHAT'S NEW: LOA Amended Calendar Change

The district and the union have signed a Letter of Agreement affecting the 2023-2024 calendar. The Professional Development originally scheduled for Monday, January 29th will now be held on Tuesday, February 27, 2024. This change is due to the Michigan Presidential Primary Election being held on that day and many of our work locations are polling site. Other calendar changes include the February Count Date and the recognition of Juneteenth. You can read the LOA here  2024 Calendar Change Letter of Agreement .

WHAT's NEW: LOA Head Coach Sports Reporter Producer 2023-2024

The district and the union have agreed to a stipend rate for the newly created position of Head Coach Sports Reporter Producer. Click here for the letter of agreement.

WHAT'S NEW: 2023-2024 Class Size Overage Supplemental Pay

Click here for the letter of agreement which addresses oversize classes for the 2023-2024 school year.