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Welcome to the first episode of the AFT Michigan podcast! In this first episode, AFT Michigan Secretary-Treasurer Terrence Martin sits down with Field Representative Sonya Alvarado for a wide-ranging discussion, particularly focused on higher education, drawing on Sonya’s experience as a faculty member, local union president, and now staff person working with higher ed locals across the state.


Vice President, Robin Jennings, explains why the DFT is supporting the repeal of Right to Work in Michigan. 

Thank you to all of the teachers and support staff for everything you have done to make what could be a difficult transition during the most difficult of times enjoyable and feasible. You have trained yourself, your students, parents and each other on distance learning and technology! You are worthy of recognition!
We salute our mighty DFT Members for all that you do! Thank you for servicing our children when we need it the most. We appreciate you.
Terrence Martin, President
Lakia Wilson, Executive Vice President
P.S. please continue to take pictures for the remainder of the school year and

See the AFT produced video of DFT member Lakia Wilson taking a walk through Spain School


Workers from across the state rallied in Lansing Dec. 11 to protest right-to-work legislation.