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WHAT'S NEW: Changes to DFT Leadership


January marks a change in leadership for the DFT. Taking the reins of the presidency is Lakia Wilson-Lumpkins. Assisting her in the office will be Jason Posey, a former organizer who has been nominated by the executive board to serve as executive vice-president. Elena Brantley-Phillips is returning as Recording Secretary and stepping into the Treasurer's role is Rodney Fresh. Joining incumbent Executive Board Members Lisa Card, Samantha Hoskin, Crystal Lee, Dwan McGrady, Sarah Niemi, Dashmire Sadiku and Marcus Walton are newcomers Marva Needham-Fletcher, Jeff Wasilewski and Everette Whitfield. The three trustees are Cassandra Davis, Mark Duffy and Kaira Gandy. 

WHAT'S NEW: DFT Election Results

Here are the results of the recent DFT leadership team election. These officers will be sworn-in at the next general membership meeting, on Thursday, January 19, 2023.


  • Lakia Wilson-Lumpkins


  • Glenda Booker
  • Robin Jennings
  • Jason Posey


  • Elena Brantley-Phillips


  • Rodney Fresh


  • Lisa Card 
  • Frank Donner 
  • Marva Fletcher 
  • Samantha Hoskins
  • Crystal Lee
  • Dwan McGrady 
  • Sarah Niemi 
  • Dashmire Sadiku 
  • Marcus Walton
  • Jeff Wasilewski 
  • Everette Whitfield


  • Cassandra Davis
  • Mark Duffy
  • Kaira Gandy

For detailed information on vote totals, the information can be found in this DFT Certified Election Report.

WHAT'S NEW: Official Candidate List for Biennial Election

Please click the link to view and download the official candidate list for the upcoming election of Officers, Executive Board Members and Trustees. It is possible more names will be added to the list once the grievance process is completed. Online voting begins on Thursday, November 17, 2022 and runs until Friday, November 25. 

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Please click the links for the details regarding the Biennial Election of Officers, Executive Board Members and Trustees