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FRC Approves New Contract Agreement

We are pleased to announce that the members of the Financial Review Commission voted unanimously to approve our newly ratified collective bargaining agreement. The approval vote, which came during the FRC’s meeting today, affirms that the new agreement—while not perfect—puts our school district on the right track, provides needed stability for students and creates a path for us to achieve even more gains for educators.

With the FRC’s approval, the economic gains for educators in the new agreement will go into effect.

The students and educators of our city deserve much more, and now is the time for us to build power. It’s time to strengthen our union to create more leverage at the bargaining table. Remember: the law requires that this new agreement will be in effect for six months and thereafter—unless the newly elected school board wants to renegotiate. That means we have opportunity to go back to the table for more.

Let’s focus on getting ready and moving forward.

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