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Weingarten Rights

Please make sure you understand your right to representation when you suspect you may be called in to any kind of meeting that could be disciplinary. Building reps picked up these information cards at the February 2023 General Membership Meeting. Please make sure you keep this with you at your work place in the event it is needed. These cards will be available at general membership meetings. 

Weingarten Rights


AFLAC duck logo


We are excited to share that there is a best-in-class package with Aflac Group by offering you flexibility and choice without breaking the bank for Short Term Disability, Accident, Hospital, and Critical Illness--with direct pay options from Checking, Savings, or Credit Card.

You don't need to be overwhelmed with these options.  There is a team of local Aflac representatives that will provide the one-on-one support that you need, to feel secure in your decisions.

Please click the link below, to view offerings, rates, videos, and a way to schedule directly with one of the Aflac Team members.


Stay Well logo:

Mental health resources to guide educators are being provided by the Stay Well program, a behavioral health partnership led by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. An outreach specialist has put together webinars designed specifically for school staff which you can find by clicking here: Staff Wellness Webinars.

The webinars are short and pre-recorded, so you can watch them when it is convenient for you and cover such topics as burnout, coping with the impact of a pandemic, improving wellness, mindfulness exercises by taking a pause, and how to cultivate joy.

Michigan Stay Well Counseling Line
Dial 1-888-535-6136 and press "8"

Available 24/7 - confidential and free

We encourage you to check out the entire Mental Health Resources available to you which cover a variety of topics such as coping with grief and loss, resources for teenagers, nutrition, resources for school and the classroom: Mental Health Resources MDHHS.

Employee Assistance Program

As DPSCD employees, you are eligible for the confidential support, at no cost. Reach out to a counselor at Ulliance, More information can be found on the attached flyers.

WHAT'S NEW: 2023 Summer School LOA

Please check this link for details of Summer School 2023. The LOA speaks to Program Schedules, Wages, Staff Requirements and Class Size.

Retirement Procedures for June 2023


DFT unit members planning on retiring at the end of the 2022-2023 school year should complete all of the forms related to retirement by May 1, 2023.  These forms include:

1.  A Separation from Service Form (SFSF) found on the District's Hub.  Please remember that in order to be paid for sick days upon retirement from DPSCD, eligible employees must submit a SFSF to the District's Human Resource office (HR) no later than May 1, 2023 and retire effective July 1, 2023 (or August 1, 2023 if working during the month of July).

The SFSF should be emailed to HR ( by May 1, 2023.  The "effective date of separation" on the SFSF should be listed as June 30, 2023 (or July 31, 2023 if working during the month of July.

Eligible employees meeting the May 1, 2023 deadline will be paid $45 for each unused sick day in their sick bank for days 1 to 100 and $65 for each unused sick day in their sick bank for days 101 to 200 for a maximum payout of $11,000.  Payout of sick time upon retirement does not include a payout from the catastrophe bank.  (To calculate the number of sick days in one's sick bank, divide the number of sick bank hours by eight [8].)

2.  The pension application forms found on an employee's miAccount with the Michigan Office of Retirement Services (  (Click on the menu item "Ready to Retire", then the box that says, "Apply for Retirement", and then follow the instructions.)

3.  The application forms for Social Security (if eligible) and Medicare (if eligible) found on Social Security's website (  (This website is separate and unrelated to the Michigan Office of Retirement Services' website and an employee's miAccount.)

Questions about retirement can be directed to the DFT's retirement counselor, Patrick Falcusan, at 313.683.6822 at any time during the year.

LOA Coaching Special Olympics 2023

 Here is the Letter of Agreement for coaching the United Special Olympics, signed March 2023.

Donations of Sick Days Policy

The DFT and the district have agreed on a Donation of Sick Days Policy which allows members to donate unused sick days to catastrophically ill members. Read through the policy and if you think you would qualify for this benefit, reach out to the DFT Office before you submit paperwork to the district. There are these forms which need to be completed: Application to Use Donated Sick DaysSick Leave Physician Statement, and the Donation of Sick Days Authorization Form.


IMPORTANT: If Absent More than 5 Days

If you are off work more than FIVE days, you need to complete paperwork (physician's certificate) for pay or a leave. Forms can be obtained by going to the hub at the website. Click on Human Resources and then Employee Health Services to download the forms. Make sure to file these important papers otherwise your pay or job may be in jeopardy.