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AFT Leaders on the Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Concerning Detroit Schools

Statements from American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, AFT Michigan President David Hecker and Detroit Federation of Teachers Interim President Ivy Bailey on today’s unprecedented federal civil rights lawsuit against Gov. Rick Snyder and the Michigan State Board of Education, charging that the state is violating the U.S. Constitution by not providing students with their fundamental right of access to literacy skills and interventions.

DFT on Gov. Snyder’s Decision to Appeal Teacher Pay Ruling

DETROIT—Statement by Ivy Bailey, interim president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, on Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to appeal Court of Appeals ruling on teacher pay:

“When an attorney general refuses to assist a governor in an appeal, you know something’s wrong. Gov. Snyder refuses to return money taken illegally from school employees without any guarantee they would receive retirement health benefits. Some school employees are owed thousands of dollars—no small amount of money. Add this to the list of Snyder’s disrespectful actions, insults and attacks against educators. It’s unconscionable that he would waste taxpayers’ money defending an unconstitutional law.”

July 5, 2016

DFT on Bribery Allegations Against DPS Principals

For Release: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 DETROIT—Statement by Ivy Bailey, interim president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, on bribery and kickback allegations against several Detroit public school principals: “This situation saddens me to my core and is not what our students, educators and community expect from their school leaders. If the allegations are true, there is no justification for accepting bribes or kickbacks, or for any illegal activity. At the core of this apparent scheme is something that’s very real—horribly resourced public schools.