All Out for Labor Day Parade! [8.27.14]

DFT Members: Let's keep up the momentum to demand state and local policies that bring stability and quality education to Detroit. Come out for the Labor Day Parade at 8 a.m. Monday, Sept. 1. DFT is stepping off at Michigan Avenue at 10th Street (near Trumbull) at 9 a.m. Vice President Joe Biden will be there! We will have free T-shirts for DFT members. Parking is available for $5 between 10th Street and Trumbull (between the Eaton Springs Shop and Onassis Coney Island).

Rally TODAY at Fisher Building [8.27.14]

A rally to support qualtiy education in Detroit is happening TODAY at 4 p.m. in front of the Fisher Building. We are calling on all members to attend. Free parking is available in the former DFT parking lot at 2875 W. Grand Blvd.

Pay Cut is Rescinded! Thank You! [8.26.14]

The proposed 10 percent wage cut has been rescinded. No one person made that happen. We won this battle together. The fight to stop increased health care costs, prevent layoffs and other battles, will continue. But make no mistake, collectively, we stopped the 10 percent wage cut!

"The district will not, will not, implement the 10 percent reduction," Emergency Manager Jack Martin said today at Golightly Education Center. After parent outcry, class sizes will not increase.

Martin said beefing up enrollment is the goal for reducing the deficit but that is difficult with a declining school age population and much competition. "If we had 3,000 more students this fall, we would not be here today," he said.

AFT Detroit has organized neighborhood walks at 4 p.m. today at Gompers and Ronald Brown schools, as well as a rally at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 27 at the Fisher Building to raise community support for quality education in Detroit.

Thank you, DFT members, for your incredible mobilization work.

-Edna Reaves, DFT executive vice president

State Leaders Support Detroit Teachers [8.23.14]

Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer and House Democratic Leader Tim Griemel called the Governor’s office urging them to reject the proposed 10 percent wage cut. Support for Detroit teachers and against the cuts continues to pour in.


Mayor Mike Duggan Speaks Out on Pay Cut [8.22.14]

Mayor Duggan statement:

"I am very concerned that the proposed 10 percent wage cut for Detroit Public Schools' teachers and staff may drive quality teachers out of the system and create instability just at the time parents are making enrollment decisions for their children this fall. We must build a stronger DPS, not weaken it. I have expressed my concerns to the Governor's office and they have advised me today that the State Treasury Department is working to find a solution for this situation."

Message from DFT President [8.21.14]

DFT Members,
Like all of you, I am infuriated by the revised Deficit Elimination Plan submitted by the Emergency Manager, which includes the 10 percent reduction of salaries effective Oct. 1. This is on top of the restructured health care plan imposed on us, as well as the previous 10 percent pay reduction we've endured since 2011.

DPS cannot cut its way to prosperity, particularly at the expense of the employees whose salaries and benefits are not the reason it is on the brink of bankruptcy.

While some within the DFT are clamoring for some sort of walkout, such an action AT THIS TIME would undermine current efforts to avert the cuts. I urge you NOT to engage in any sort of walkout. The DFT has always prided itself in being a SOLUTION-BASED union and that is currently our focus; to develop a solution. I assure you we will not agree to anything that adversely impacts our membership.

Executive Vice-President Edna Reaves is leading our "fight back" actions recommended by you. We are asking all of our members to participate in these actions. Report to work on Monday, Aug. 25 and be ready to receive students on Tuesday, Sept. 2. As we demand that the district abides by the terms of our collective bargaining agreement, we also ask our members to do the same by reporting to work.

If our parents believe the start of school is in jeopardy, then we risk losing students, and the district risks losing funds. We risk losing our leverage should it become necessary to present a legal challenge to these changes in wages and benefits.

The DFT and the Coalition of Unions are already engaged in grievances challenging the health care changes and those efforts will continue. There has been a public outcry and condemnation of the revised DEP from parents, community leaders, as well as district employees, unionized and non-union alike. This condemning of the DEP has not gone unnoticed. We are currently engaged in substantive discussions, which COULD avert the need for the 10 percent pay cut, and those discussions have been productive.

I know you want the DFT to act immediately, and we have. We are voicing our disgust while mobilizing our members and proposing alternate solutions that will negate the need for a pay cut. I ask you to remember that the two previous times we challenged the EM in court, we prevailed. This occurred because we stayed unified in these fights. We are asking you to demonstrate that same trust as we combat this latest challenge.TOGETHER WE WILL PREVAIL!

In Solidarity,
Keith R. Johnson, DFT President