Make the List! [4.17.14]

In May we are printing the names of every DFT member who contributes to the COPE political action fund. COPE chair Ivy Bailey is asking members to contribute at least $10 by April 25. If every one of our 4,000 members contributes $10, we can raise more than $40,000 to fight the anti-teacher sentiment in Lansing.

A free, equal and quality education is one of the great foundations of American society. Public education, especially in Detroit and other urban areas, is rapidly being eroded. Lansing legislators have eliminated seniority, gutted tenure rights and weakened your union protections.

The DFT must make its voice heard in Lansing in November 2014. Make your $10 payment TODAY to AFT Michigan COPE, and mail it to AFT Michigan, 2661 E. Jefferson, Detroit, MI 48207 or drop it off at the DFT, 7700 Second Ave., Suite 427, Detroit MI 48202.

Will You Join the League of Extraordinary Educators? [4.10.14]

AFT Michigan launching the League of Extraordinary Educators as a statewide effort to fulfill our collective obligation to help all students succeed through public education, strengthen our communities, and advance the common good. The League will be made up of staff, retirees, teachers, faculty, and grad employees bursting out of our comfort zones to reclaim the promise of public education in Michigan.


Detroit Teacher - April 2014

News in this issue of The Detroit Teacher:

  • The DFT Building is Sold!
  • Disdain for Snyder Won't Get Him Out
  • Time to Question Zero Tolerance?
  • The Myth of Failing Schools

and much more...[Download here].

Additional Counseling Sessions for ESP [3.25.14]

DFT members considering taking the Employee Severance Plan (ESP) now have additional opportunities for individual counseling sessions. [Click here] for times, dates, and locations.

FAQs About the Severance Plan [3.19.13]

Due to the Employee Severance Plan (ESP), a large number of DFT members have decided to retire this year. This has generated numerous questions regarding retirement. Below are the answers to many of the questions that members have been asking.

Q1:  I am taking the ESP. Will this automatically make me eligible to retire and to begin collecting my pension as soon as I leave DPS?


DPS Offers Employee Severance Plan [3.1.14]

On Feb. 28, 2014, DPS announced a new severance plan for DFT members entitled the Employee Severance Plan (ESP). Eligible members will be mailed an information packet in the next few days. This plan is much improved over last year's plan.

The new severance plan addresses concerns the DFT expressed regarding last year's plan. Specifically, in addition to participants receiving 60 percent of their  2013-14 base annual salary (60 percent of: BA, step 10 = $33,659; MA, step 10 = $39,159; MA+30, step 11 = $39,579; Dr., step 11 = $39,759), the new plan will: