Membership Meeting Thursday, January 19 at 4:30 PM

Detroit Federation of Teachers


Thursday, January 19

4:30 PM

Fellowship Chapel

7707 West Outer Drive, Detroit, MI


You must be a member in good standing and have your DFT membership card for entry.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 19TH: We will stand together across the nation

On Jan. 19, school staff, parents, students and community allies will stand together in a national day of action at schools across the country. The DFT is taking part; download the flier to learn more.


Senate Republicans have delayed confirmation hearings for Betsy DeVos, President-elect Trump’s nominee for secretary of education.  

This delay gives us an opportunity to increase pressure on the Senate to reject DeVos. The move came after intense public pressure—your calls, emails and petitions to the Senate—demanding that the ethics committee have time to fully review her investments and political donations. You also highlighted her track record here in Michigan.

We need to make sure the Senate hears us loud and clear. We don’t want Betsy DeVos to do anymore harm. Americans want an education secretary who supports public education so all children have great neighborhood schools, not one who wants to destroy it.

Write to your senators today and ask them to vote no on DeVos’ nomination.

Weingarten speaks on the future of public education

In a speech at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., AFT President Randi Weingarten juxtaposed two approaches for education that would have vastly different consequences for America's students. Either build on the bipartisan consensus of the Every Student Succeeds Act to provide all families with access to great neighborhood public schools, or promote the dangerous, destructive approaches that Donald Trump's education secretary nominee advocates to undermine and privatize public education.