WHAT'S NEW: Retirement Reminder for DFT Represented Employees

Please remember that eligible employees who retire effective July 1, 2017 or August 1, 2017 and whose irrevocable Separation from Service forms are submitted to the District's Human Resources Office (Fisher Building, 10th Floor) no later than May 1, 2017, will be paid $45.00 for each unused sick day in their sick bank up to one hundred (100) days, and $65.00 for each unused sick day in their sick bank for day one hundred and one (101) to two hundred (200) for a maximum payout of $11,000. Payout of sick time upon retirement does not include a payout from the catastrophe bank.

For questions concerning retirement, contact retirement counselor Patrick Falcusan at 313-875-6783, 313-683-6822 or pfalcusan@dft231.com 

WHAT'S NEW: Detroit Board of Education Superintendent candidate interview sessions continue April 3

Detroit Public Schools Community District Board of Education announces the format for superintendent candidate interview sessions on March 29 and April 3. All sessions are open to the public. Public comments will be received by the Board immediately following the interview sessions.

The first interview with Dr. Nikolai Vitti will be conducted at DCP High School at Northwestern on March 29. The second interview session with Derrick Coleman will be held at Renaissance High School on April 3, both at 6 p.m.

The format for each interview session will be as follows:

Trump's budget takes a meat cleaver to public education

The 2018 budget proposal "takes a meat cleaver to public education" and ignores promised investments in the types of skills, training and other vital family supports that Trump rode to the White House in 2016, AFT President Randi Weingarten says.


The dues deduction for 2016 was: $897.16

Deductions from January thru July 2017: $570.92