Johnson on Spotlight on the News Sunday

DFT President Keith Johnson will be a guest on the WXYZ-TV Channel 7 show "Spotlight on the News" at 10 a.m. Sunday. Dec. 21. He will discuss the state of the Detroit Public Schools and his tenure as DFT president.

Runoff Election for Six Officers [12.15.14]

A runoff election for officers of the DFT will be held at the end of December. The following candidates will be in the runoff election. Their votes and slates are listed below.


  • Edna Reaves (487) UTR
  • Steve Conn (365) EON/BAMN

Vice President (3)

  • Ivy Bailey (489)  UTR
  • Michael Schenk (461) UTR
  • Vida Bonacci (449) UTR
  • Myra Akpabio (380) EON/BAMN
  • April Chambers (310) EON/BAMN
  • Derrick Marable (297) EON/BAMN

Recording Secretary

  • Nicole M. Davis (480) UTR
  • Erika M. Jones (308) EON/BAMN


  • Michelle Broughton (483) UTR
  • Ucal Finley (300) EON/BAMN

Paychecks to be Mailed Dec. 19 [12.15.14]

For those DPS employees with direct deposit, your paychecks will be deposited on Dec. 19. The other paychecks will be mailed on Dec. 19.

DFT Retiree Chapter Meetings Moved [12.15.14]

The DFT Retiree Chapter meetings will move as of Jan. 13. The reitrees will no longer meet at Triumph Church on East Grand  Boulevard.

We will now meet at the Michigan First Credit Union, 27000 Evergreen Rd., Lathrup Village, 48076. Also, instead of meeting on the third Tuesday of each month, we will meet on the SECOND Tuesday of the month. 

Official DFT Election Results [12.11.14]

The official results of the Dec. 6 DFT Officers Election are in. The UTR slate won all of the 11 executive board and three trustee seats. Edna Reaves of UTR got 47 percent of the vote for president, with 487 votes. Steve Conn of EON-BAMN got 35 percent of the vote with 365 votes, and Mershira Oliver of GEM received 18 percent of the vote with 183 votes.

Elected to the executive board are: LaShawn Sims, Lakia Wilson, Glenda Booker, Marcus Walton, Mark Moroni, Jason Posey. Leslee Przygodski, Terry Strauss, Robin Jennings, Quan Neloms and Darnese Wilkinson. Trustees elected are: Lisa Card, Elena Brantley-Phillips, and Rahjinah Johnson.

There will be a runoff election conducted in the next few weeks for the positions of president, three vice presidents, treasurer and recording secretary. According to the DFT constitution and bylaws, the winner must receive 50 percent of the votes plus one.

Votes will be counted on Jan. 17 at the AFT Michigan office. The next president takes office on Jan. 20.

Detroit Teacher - December 2014

News in this issue of The Detroit Teacher:

  • Runoff Election for DFT Officers
  • Keith Johnson Reflects
  • Paying the Best Teachers a Little More
  • 2014 List of COPE Contributors

and much more....[Download here].