Slate Cards at Your School [10.29.14]

Postcards of the AFT Michigan endorsed candidates for the Nov. 2 election are at your schools. Please check with your building representative to make sure you and everyone in your building, including paraprofessionals, food service and clerical staff, receives one. These are handy slate cards that can be taken into the polls to remember to vote for candidates who support public education.

We still need volunteers to walk door to door Saturday and Sunday. If you can volunteer, please contact Jodie Easly at or call Terrence Martin at 313-875-6786.

DFT Scholarship Fund Accepts Donations

The DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund has reached "Cornerstone Society" status within the Anthony Wayne Society at Wayne State University. The honor goes to organizations that have reached the threshold of $50,000 of giving toward the institution and its students.

"This is made possible by the generosity and support of DFT members," said Paula Trilety, treasurer of the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund. "Honoring or memorializing a colleague with a donation to the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund is a special way to show you care." 

Last year's scholarship recipient was Lia Heath-Day.

Donations can be made to the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund and sent to the DFT, attention Paula Trilety, at 7700 Second Ave., Suite 427, Detroit, MI 48202.

DPS Rumors of Bankruptcy [10.23.14]

DFT Members,

Many people are perpetuating rumors, which have absolutely no validity, that DPS is about to declare bankruptcy. THERE IS NO TRUTH attached to this, period.

The leadership of DPS personally assured me that it is not considering bankruptcy, and to do so would jeopardize its ability to borrow in the future.

I again respectively, but assertively, encourage members to stop listening to and spreading rumors, which does nothing but create a sense of panic among DPS employees and uncertainty among our parents and community.

When anything pertaining to DPS or DFT is discussed and addressed, the DFT will provide FACTUAL information to our members.

Respectfully and in Solidarity,

Keith R. Johnson, DFT President

Pick Your HAP Doctor [10.21.14]

At this point, 2,600 DPS employees have yet to choose a doctor and complete their Member Qualification Form, along with their Health Risk Assessment. Below is a link to so DPS employees are able to choose a Primary Care Physician. This is essential to maintaining the Enhanced Plan and keeping the lower employee contribution.

The Find a Doctor link (orange button) on the page below now links directly into the HFHS Preferred network in Provider Search.

Additionally, on the premium plan page (link below), you can go directly to the HMO network in the Provider Search.

DFT Election Debate on Nov. 9 [10.20.14]

Three candidates running for DFT President will debate via telephone on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. To hear the debate, just answer your phone around 7 p.m. that evening.

You may email your questions until Nov. 8 to The DFT Election Committee is conducting the debate between DFT presidential hopefuls Edna Reaves, Mershira Oliver and Steve Conn. The committee will not take live calls, so you must email your questions.

If you're not currently in the phone bank, or we don't have your correct number, and you want to be part of the debate, please email your correct number to

Detroit Teacher - October 2014

News in this issue of The Detroit Teacher:

  • Schauer Visits the DFT
  • Teacher Shortage is Early Warning Sign
  • Act Now or Pay Later
  • Putting TIP to Bed
  • Perfect Attendance Bonus for Bldg Reps

And more...[Download here].