Attend Hearing on DFT Unfair Labor Practice Lawsuit against DPS 10 am Wednesday July 8 Cadillac Place, 3026 W. Grand Blvd, 2nd Floor Annex Suite 2-700

DFT members are urged to attend an important court hearing this Wednesday involving the first three of numerous Unfair Labor Practice charges filed by President Conn and the DFT against the Emergency Manager and DPS.

1.  Mann School Principal Gwendolyn Frencher retaliated against DFT Building Rep Sharon Jamison for grievances Sharon filed on behalf of the members at her school

2.  East English Village Principal Patricia Murray threatened DFT activist Nicole Conaway for statements Nicole made in the DFT’s newspaper about the school’s inadequacies in meeting the needs of its students.

3.  The district has refused to hear DFT grievances over discipline/discharge of several of its members.

As always, membership mobilization and participation in DFT activities is critical to our success as a union.  Join us at the hearing to express our collective determination to defend our jobs, our students, and our schools!

Wednesday July 8, 10:00 AM MERC Cadillac Place 3026 W. Grand Blvd

DFT to Fight New Sick Bank Accrual System

The DFT has filed a class Action Step Two Grievance against the new DPS sick bank accrual system that was announced in the memorandum signed by the Emergency Manager and dated June 26.   We are also preparing an Unfair Labor Practice Charge for his failure to bargain / unilateral change in the terms and conditions of our members’ employment.  

DFT President Steve Conn

Hundreds of petitions signatures presented to Emergency Manager's top staff

A rally of Detroit teachers, students and community presented petitions signed by hundereds of Detroiters to the Emergency Manager's top staff today, June 25. The petitions demanded that Emergency Manager Earley

1. provide teachers with their fall placements now instead of at the end of summer

2.  stop his planned cuts to DPS health care

3.  stop school reconstitutions and all other schemes that force teachers to reapply for their jobs

While presenting the petitions, DPS staffers agreed to tell the Emergency Manager that DFT President Conn is demanding a meeting with him over these critical issues.  The EM has so far refused to meet with DPS union officials about these matters.

For more information:

To help out with this campaign, please call President Conn at 313.303.1996

Today's Hearing on Critical Shortage Bonus Canceled

DPS lawyers have contacted the union to insist on a rescheduling of today's (June 30) grievance on the critical shortage bonus, at first sighting "safety concerns" in handling such a large crowd of people, and later saying that they simply felt it "unnecessary" to have so many people present. 

The union insists on a grievant’s right to be present at her/his own grievance hearing.   Direct participation of the grievant is also important from a practical standpoint of making certain that the information presented at the hearing is 100 % accurate.

The DFT is fully confident that this grievance will go forward, and will contact members again when a new date and place for the hearing have been identified.

Steve Conn, DFT President