DFT Rally 4 pm Tuesday May 5 at the Fisher Building on West Grand Blvd. at Second Ave.


Mobilization initiated by unanimous vote at the Sunday, May 3 Mass Special DFT Membership Meeting.

We demand that DPS provide all teachers with their fall placements THIS MONTH!   We demand no more waiting all summer to find out if we have a job & at what school!  We need to know NOW!  Our students and their parents need to know NOW!  Waiting all summer to know if we have  a job for next year creates intolerable instability in our lives, and chaos in the schools each fall!  

Let’s keep up last week’s momentum and new fighting spirit and win real improvements this spring for ourselves and our students.  The DFT pledges to its members that it will continue to build its campaign for the defense of public education in Detroit.  We demand that the Emergency Manager put an immediate end to the many destructive, anti-education policies in DPS --policies such as  two-hour staff meetings, pay step freezes, overcrowded classrooms, lost teacher prep time, and more.

All community is invited to our rallies!  We wage this fight for the future of our city and all its people, most especially our students!

Our Sunday Special Membership Meeting also (1) voted to file a lawsuit against slanderous teacher evaluations, (2) voted to support an ongoing union organizing drive at several Detroit charter schools, and (3) heard how teacher Heather Miller recently won a major legal victory against DPS for a false observation/evaluation and interfering with her legally-protected union activity.  The judge ordered that DPS reinstate her from the 2012 layoff and make her whole for all lost pay and benefits. 

The timing of Miller's victory is no coincidence. It shows that when we fight we can win.  If we continue to mobilize we will win much more.  Come to the rally after school on Tuesday!

DFT Executive Board Meeting 4:30 this Thursday, May 7; 7700 Second Ave.

Open to all DFT members.  Takes place in the first floor conference room.

Rally Tuesday April 28 4:30 pm outside Governor's Office in Detroit

We can defeat Snyder and his plans to dismantle DPS, but we need ALL DFT MEMBERS to participate. Rally and picket outside the governor’s office at Cadillac Place (the former GM Building) on West Grand Blvd at Second Ave. Make picket signs! We demand public education, not charters! Provide quality education for all Detroit students by reducing class size and providing teachers and support staff with competitive pay and benefits! Return EAA schools to DPS now! 

Call the Governor

Gov. Snyder did not listen to the Coalition for the Future of Detroit School Children. The coalition delivered a comprehensive report that would improve education in Detroit. Tell him to support coalition's plan. You can do one of three things to to urge him to listen to the coalition:

  1. Call the governor at (517) 335-7858.
  2. Go to Lansing on April 30.
  3. Write a letter: Gov. Rick Snyder, P.O. Box 30013, Lansing, MI 48909 

Please reply to this email telling us what you did.

URGENT: We're Going to Lansing

All DPS employees are urged to go to Lansing on Thursday, April 30, to voice our opinions on the following issues:

  1. The Fragmenting of DPS.
  2. Senate Bill 103 that would tie teacher evaluations solely to test scores.

Gov. Snyder did not listen to the Coalition for the Future of Detroit School Children and the more than 100 political figures, education experts and community leaders who spent three months developing these initiatives. We need to support this plan.

The time is now. If we are to save the Detroit Public Schools, our livelihoods and our pensions, we MUST begin in Lansing.

Once again, the students, parents and teachers don't have any details about a plan that's going to affect us.

This Legislative Education Action Day is sponsored by AFT Michigan and allows us to make our voices heard. It will be a personal business day well used. We want to get 50 percent of DFT members to attend. This invitation is extended to all DPS employees. Further details and bus information to come.

-Ivy Bailey, DFT Executive Vice President

State Supreme Court Renders Decision

In a 6-0 decision, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a ruling on April 8, 2015 regarding the pension and retiree healthcare elections provided under PA 300 of 2012. The Supreme Court has held that elections made pursuant to that Act (regarding members’ elections to participate in and contribute to the retiree healthcare and defined benefit pension plans, respectively) are constitutional. Therefore, ORS will continue to recognize – and give effect to – elections made by members under that Act, and will calculate benefits accordingly.