DFT Exec Board Puts President Conn on Trial Monday

Very unfortunately, Ivy Bailey and the other members of the DFT Executive Board have decided to put me on trial on internal union misconduct charges.  They are planning to hold the trial this Monday morning, August 3, at 115 West Willis St., the DAEOE (DPS Secretaries) union hall.

This is a huge distraction for our union, as well as extremely divisive and dangerous.  We are at a key turning point in rebuilding the power of the DFT, and especially with the fight now to defend our health care and pay against assaults by the governor and his emergency manager, this trial will only serve the purposes of our enemies.

I know that many, many of you will be as upset as I am at this news, and I would like to offer my time to talk with you at 9 am this Monday morning at the location above, before the trial begins. 

I am still hopeful that, even at this late hour, we may be able to reach a settlement – especially if you and other members are willing to help us early Monday morning.

You may also want to read my fuller statement about this situation posted on the DFT website a few weeks ago.


Steve Conn

DFT President



Monday's Trial

Many members have brought forth serious charges against DFT President Steve Conn. The Constitution and Bylaws require me to attempt to resolve the matter through an informal conference.  Steve Conn chose to not attend the conference.


After Conn failed to show up for the hearing, the matter was referred to the elected Executive Board, as required by the constitution and bylaws. The Executive Board unanimously voted to go forward with the charges.


Now, on the eve of the misconduct hearing, Conn is requesting that we ignore our duties and violate the constitution and bylaws, We will not. 


The Constitution and Bylaws specifically state that misconduct trials are to be held in executive session, meaning they are closed to all but the participants.  The membership can expect a full report of the proceedings when they are concluded.


In solidarity,

Ivy Bailey, Executive Vice President

July 30 Update: Payroll Problems and Critical Shortage Bonus

DPS officals have just notified the DFT that Aline Cards will be available starting at Noon this Friday, July 31, on the 11th floor, and that they wll have extra personnel on hand to help with the disbursement.  

I will be there personally to help members with any snags or other issues, although I will have to be at the Critical Shortage Bonus grievance hearing at Douglass Auditorium starting at 2 pm.

President Steve Conn  313.303.1996  sconn@dft231.com 


Fall Placement Letters Out

DPS has mailed out fall placement letters with evaluation results.  Don't hesitate to call or email me if you have concerns.  I am demanding placement for 100 % of our members. President Conn. 313.303.1996 sconn@dft231.com 

Update on July 28 Payroll Problems

As DFT President, I have been in contact with the district, and in particular the Emergency Manager and General Counsel, about the payroll problems of July 28. 

As of 1:30 today, July 29 I have the following to report to our members:

1.       The district recognizes at least two problems with this week’s payroll:

(a)    Approximately 200 employees’ health benefits and other deductions were incorrectly taken from “additional pays” such as workshops, time adjustments, summer school and extended year assignments.

(b)    400-plus employees did NOT receive extended year payments for the week of July 4 – 10.

2.       In  an email to the union today, the district has asserted that they are in the process of contacting each of the affected employees individually about how they can receive their pay, and that they will be paid by no later than Friday July 31, 2015.

3.       The general method of payment will be ADP Aline card, which will have to be picked up at payroll unless you already have one.

4.       However, after I raised several concerns about the Aline cards, they added the following by email:

“With respect to your members who are unable to receive their pay via a new ADP Aline card, the District will be forwarding checks or otherwise providing payment to those individuals. This group of employees includes those who are out of town or otherwise unable to pick up their cards. This option will not be offered to all DFT members but only to those who are unable to pick up a new card.”

Please note:  If there is any backsliding by the district, or any other problem with this payroll correction process, please do NOT hesitate to contact me immediately at my cell phone -- 313.303.1996.

 We MUST hold them to what they have promised:  the Friday deadline and contacting all those affected in order to offer them real alternatives if picking up the Aline card is not feasible.

Steve Conn

President, Detroit Federation of Teachers

DFT Returns to Court 10 am Tomorrow, Wednesday July 29

DPS Emergency Manager Faces More Charges by Detroit Federation of Teachers

Michigan Employment Relations Commission, 3026 W. Grand Blvd, 2nd Floor Annex Suite 2-700, before Judge Travis Calderwood

The Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) and Detroit Public Schools (DPS) will return to court Wednesday as the union continues to press a series of charges against the school district for retaliating against teachers and union leaders who filed official grievances and spoke out publicly over contract violations around class size, textbooks for students, teacher lesson preparation time, and other issues critical to student learning.

 “In filing these legal charges, the DFT is standing up not only for its members, but the students and people of Detroit in their fundamental right to a first-class quality education,” said DFT East English Village High School teacher Nicole Conaway, who has faced retaliation from her principal this year for demanding books for students at her school. 

“We are determined to stop our best teachers from being driven out of the school district,” said DFT President Steve Conn.

“Today is the first step in our plan to put on trial all the New Jim Crow anti-education and union-busting policies of Governor Snyder and his emergency manager,” said Mann Elementary School teacher and DFT Rep Sharon Jamison.