WHAT'S NEW: Important information regarding pay out of sick days upon retirement

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If you are represented by the DFT and are planning on retiring at the end of this school year, and if you wish to be paid for your sick days when you retire, be aware of the language contained in the DPSCD/DFT contract dealing with the payment of unused sick days upon retirement.  The contract language says:

"Eligible employees who retire July 1, or August 1, of any given school year and whose irrevocable Separation from Service form is submitted to the District's Human Resources Office no later than May 1 of that year, will be paid $45.00 for each unused day in their sick bank up to one hundred (100) days and $65.00 for each unused day in their sick bank for day one hundred and one (101) to two hundred (200) for a maximum payout of $11,000.  Payout of sick time upon retirement does not include a payout from the catastrophe bank."

If you have any questions regarding the retirement process, contact DFT Retirement Counselor Patrick Falcusan at 313.875.6783 (w) or 313.683.6822 (c).