DFT 2013 Dues for Tax Purposes [1.30.14]

  • Full Dues.............................$897.16
  • Three-Quarter Dues............672.87
  • Half Dues.............................448.58
  • Quarter Dues.......................224.29

2013-14 Pay Schedule

[Click here] to download the 2013-14 DPS pay schedule.

DPS Plan to Reach Out to Every Parent [12.3.13]

The Retention, Customer Service and Appreciation Campaign:

The district plans a new citywide campaign, personalized at each school, to reach every parent in Detroit Public Schools over a 60-day period and directly communicate with parents of competing educational providers, creating the opportunity to meet short term goals leading to long term stability. The State's new funding formula makes the February Count date in 2014 all the more important because the results will impact this year's budget.

As part of this, I strongly encourage all of our members to participate in the retention initiatives, in particular the request to place a personalized phone call to all of the families of the children in your classrooms, with a short message to thank them for entrusting their children to DPS for their education. At the secondary level, there will be support to ensure that all calls can be made.

This personal touch will make a huge difference if we can do this across the district. Along with efforts to bring in more students from EAA and other educational providers, we have the chance to stabilize and grow enrollment at this most crucial time.

Keith Johnson, DFT president

2013-14 Salary Schedule

The salary schedule [Download here] was prepared by the DFT and is not the official pay schedule. However, we believe this is an accurate record of the new pay rates. The 2013-14 salary schedule is the same as the 2012-13 schedule.


Let Us Know about Vacancies in Your Building [9.5.13]

Please let us know if your building has vacancies. Please forward the building name, grade level and subject, to DFT President Keith Johnson at keith7606@sbcglobal.net or Executive Vice President Edna Reaves at EReaves@dft231.org.

DFT Members in Urgent Need of Sick Days [8.28.13]

The following DFT members are in urgent need of donated sick days: Voncile Campbell of Chysler Elementary, Cynthia Williams of East English Village Preparatory Academy, Princess Wilford at Noble Elementary School, Sheilia Weaver at Keidan Special Education Center, Kimberly Leverett at Henderson Academy, and Tracy E. Jolly of Pulaski Elementary School. If you can help by donating a sick day to them, please download this form donation_of__sick_days_form.pdfand fax it to the Office of Payroll at (313) 873-4448. The day IS NOT recorded as an absence; the number of days in your sick bank is just reduced and not recorded as used.