Reminder: Pay Schedule

As a reminder, this is the year for the 27th paycheck, July 14, 2015, which will shift our pay cycle to properly align the fiscal and academic calendars with the pay calendar. The 27th pay occurs every five to seven years. Only those employees who actually work during the June 27, 2015 period are entitled to that pay.

Ten-month employees who elected to spread their pay over 26 equal payments will receive their regular biweekly payment on July 7, 2015. The next scheduled regular biweekly payment will resume on July 28, 2015.

Rally : Save Our Schools and Our City; 3 pm Thursday June 25 at Grand Blvd & Second Ave.

Stop Driving Students and TeacherOut of DPS!

Give teachers their school placements for the fall NOW!

Stop the destruction of teacher healthcare!

No school closings, reconstitutions, EAA, charters or layoffs!

Lower class size, provide books, supplies and building maintenance!

Art, music, phys ed , recess and special ed in every school

Download this petition.  Bring your signatures to the rally.  We will be turning them in to the EM.  Anyone can sign -- teachers, students, parents, community.

Detroit Teacher - June 2015

News in this issue of The Detroit Teacher:

  • Defeating the Snyder Plan
  • Detroit Teacher is "Michigan Teacher of the Year" Finalist
  • Detroit School Social Workers Give and Give More

and much more...[Download here].

Coalition of DPS Unions Fight Health Care Changes [6.9.15]

The Coalition of Detroit Public Schools Unions has devised a two-point strategic plan to fight the district's proposed health care changes.

The Coalition requested a meeting with Darnell Earley, Emergency Manager, to discuss our opposition to the district's proposal. Mr. Earley responded, indicating he would meet to hear our concerns and counter health care proposal.

The Coalition met with a health care consultant. The consultant will assist the coalition with a counter proposal to the district that would not pass on any additional cost to our members.

We are asking our members to provide their union leaders with personal email addresses and telephone numbers in the event we need to have an informational rally for proposed union actions.

In Unity,

Ruby J. Newbold, President, Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees
Keith January, President, Detroit Board of Education Employees
Donna Jackson, President, Detroit Federation of Para Professionals
Ivy Bailey, Executive Vice President, Detroit Federation of Teachers
Deborah Louis-Ake, President, Organization of School Administrators & Supervisors
Flank Klik, POLC

This Week in the DFT

1.  Monday 4:30 Rally against Health Care Cuts at Grand Blvd and 2nd
2.  Monday 6:30  Meeting on Legal Challenge to Teacher Evaluations at Gracious Saviour Lutheran Church. The church is located on the northbound Lodge service drive between Vassar Drive and St. Martins Ave.
3.  Wednesday Noon March on State Capitol in Lansing against Health Care Cuts and Dismantling of DPS