DFT Scholarship Fund Accepts Donations

The DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund has reached "Cornerstone Society" status within the Anthony Wayne Society at Wayne State University. The honor goes to organizations that have reached the threshold of $50,000 of giving toward the institution and its students.

"This is made possible by the generosity and support of DFT members," said Paula Trilety, treasurer of the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund. "Honoring or memorializing a colleague with a donation to the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund is a special way to show you care." 

Last year's scholarship recipient was Lia Heath-Day.

Donations can be made to the DFT Memorial Scholarship Fund and sent to the DFT, attention Paula Trilety, at 7700 Second Ave., Suite 427, Detroit, MI 48202.

Members in Urgent Need of Sick Days [9.2.14]

The following DFT members are in urgent need of donated sick days: Andrea Williams, of Westside Academy; Brian Dolechek, homebound teacher; Lisa Bonner, school psychologist; Voncile Campbell, of Chrysler Elementary School; Gail Stamps, Blackwell Institute; Cynthia Williams of East English Village Preparatory Academy; Princess Wilford at Noble Elementary School; and Tracy E. Jolly at Pulaski Elementary School. If you can help by donating a sick day to them, please [download this form] and fax it to the Office of Payroll at 313-873-4448. The day IS NOT recorded as an absence. The number of days in your sick bank is just reduced and not recorded as used.

2014-15 DPS Academic Calendar

For the 2014-15 Detroit Public Schools Academic Calendar [click here].

Cetification Renewal Requirements [6.28.14]

DFT Members: The number of SCECHs and DPPDs renewal requirements has been reduced from 180 to 150. Also, there no longer is a cap of 30 hours per school year for DPPD.

-Edna Reaves, DFT Executive Vice President

DPS Plan to Reach Out to Every Student [6.11.14]

The Retention, Customer Service and Appreciation Campaign:

The district is continuing its year-round student retention and customer service programs. Our members' phone calls to families of children in the classrooms last December was a very positive part of this plan and we are asked to consider doing the same before the close of this school year.

I strongly encourage all of our members to participate in the retention initiatives, in particular the request to place a personalized phone call to all of the families of the children in your classrooms, with a short message to thank them for entrusting their children to DPS for their education and encouraging families to make the summer months a time for reading books, inquisitive exploration and participation in summer school and extended school year where it is appropriate. At the secondary level, there will be support to ensure that all calls can be made.

This personal touch will make a huge difference if we can do this across the district. 

-Keith Johnson, DFT president

2012-2016 Contract

A DRAFT copy of the 2012-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers is available under RESOURCES on the DFT webpage.