Members in Urgent Need of Sick Days [9.2.14]

The following DFT members are in urgent need of donated sick days: Andrea Williams, of Westside Academy; Brian Dolechek, homebound teacher; Lisa Bonner, school psychologist; Voncile Campbell, of Chrysler Elementary School; Gail Stamps, Blackwell Institute; Cynthia Williams of East English Village Preparatory Academy; Princess Wilford at Noble Elementary School; and Tracy E. Jolly at Pulaski Elementary School. If you can help by donating a sick day to them, please [download this form] and fax it to the Office of Payroll at 313-873-4448. The day IS NOT recorded as an absence. The number of days in your sick bank is just reduced and not recorded as used.

2014-15 DPS Academic Calendar

For the 2014-15 Detroit Public Schools Academic Calendar [click here].

2012-2016 Contract

A DRAFT copy of the 2012-2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit Federation of Teachers is available under RESOURCES on the DFT webpage.

2014-15 Pay Schedule

[Click here] to download the 2013-14 DPS pay schedule.

2013-14 Salary Schedule

The salary schedule [Download here] was prepared by the DFT and is not the official pay schedule. However, we believe this is an accurate record of the new pay rates. The 2013-14 salary schedule is the same as the 2012-13 schedule.


Wall Street deals costing schools, municipalities billions

Following a new report detailing how Wall Street sold toxic deals to school districts and municipalities that are costing communities billions in fees, interest and other payments, educators, parents, community members and local officials have joined together for a Day of Action in cities across the country.