Unofficial List of Candidates for Election Committee

Candidates for the Regular Election of Four Election Committee Members

Terms of Office March, 2015 -- March 2017


  • Krystal Bolar
  • Mary Brockman
  • Devette Brown
  • Ursula Byrd
  • Nicole Conaway
  • Shawn Forman
  • Crystal Lee
  • Derrick Marable
  • Shalon Miller
  • Kimberly Mitchell
  • Deborah Myers-Mack
  • Reneth Stewart
  • Jeffrey Wasilewski

Four Election Committee Members to be elected at the March 12, 2015 General Membership Meeting

Voting will be from 4-5:30 p.m. Those in line at 5:30 p.m. will be allowed to vote.

Rally to Protest Principal Bullying

We will hold a DFT rally after school. Location and date to be determined. Check back here for updates, which also will be emailed to all members on the union list.

Pay for Substitutes

Alert Substitute Teachers: When you go to a job, please make sure you have a job number. If the job number is not on Subfinder, make sure your principal or the payroll department gives you the job number so that you will be paid accordingly.

Calendar for the Election of Election Committee Officers

[Click here] for the calendar for the election of Election Committee Officers at the March 12 General Membership Meeting.