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Detroit Federation of Teachers
7700 Second Ave., Suite 427, Detroit MI 48202
Ph: (313) 875-3500, Fax: (313) 875-3511

Professional Staff

Keith Johnson  President  313-875-6778

Edna Reaves  Executive Vice President 313-875-6780

Labor Relations Administrators

East side schools

Terrence Martin             313-875-6786

West side schools

Mershira Oliver           313-875-6788

Answering Service:
     You may leave voice mail for Labor Relations Administrators at any time. PLEASE leave a telephone number where you can be reached in the daytime.

 Other Key Personnel

Patrick Falcusan  Retirement Counselor,  313-875-6783

Mark O'Keefe  Controller, 313-875-6775

Margaret Weertz  Editor, The Detroit Teacher 313-875-6776


NOTE: If you are a DFT member, please provide your name, address and work location.


Mailing Address

Detroit Federation of Teachers
7700 Second Ave., Suite 427, Detroit, Michigan 48202



(313) 875-3500 - Voice

(313) 875-3511 - FAX